Experience matters

When receiving information about new people, I always ask for a list of new recruit’s hobbies, sports, past employment skills and any certificates or volunteer work that they think would be useful for the agency to display on their profile. 

Actual life skills are often requested when being chosen for any work in film and TV, from background extras that may need to act like police or even librarians, cataloguing books. 

A recent example of this was Isabel Harkensee’s role on the current Salvos Stores TVC. She got this role predominantly because she is a likeable, mature age lady who we can all imagine working in a Salvos store. It just so happens that Isabel used life skills in her portrayal of the Salvos store worker as she has volunteered as a Salvos worker and also does Meals on Wheels volunteer work. 

Make sure your agent knows about all your skills and experience so they can promote you to the best of their ability!

DGM Advertising – Salvos Stores