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Have you got what it takes to work in this industry?

To be ready to work on set new people must understand how this industry works.  Please read through the information under Registration Process and choose either option 1 or 2 when completing your Talent Registration Form.

After participating in an interview, if a position within the agency is offered there is a photography fee. The chat to camera is optional but photographs and introductory course notes are core components to registering with the agency. You will learn how to be confident in front of the camera, the basics of being on set and the expectations of an extra working in Film and TV.

We encourage people to apply who are consistently professional and who can take direction and enjoy working in Film and TV. We commit ourselves to working with dedicated people because reliability and commitment to work is essential. The agency helps you step into the industry with a professional edge but keeps costs for you very low so you start work straight away. You may be asked to provide a deposit for your interview. This is non refundable and helps Ripleys determine who is genuinely and serioulsy interested. Please only complete a Registration Form if you are truly interested in this work.

Interview Deposit - $50.00

You can choose to take Option 1 or Option 2:

Option 1  

  • Interview with Ripleys Management
  • Enrolment into a photography session and receive additional on set information.
  • Photography – 4 Digital headshots                                     

Total cost: $295 (interview deposit $50, $245 payable before the photoshoot.

Option 2 - Photography and Chat to Camera

  • Interview with Ripleys Management
  • Enrolment into photography session, receive additional on set information and chat to camera.
  • Photography –  4 Digital Headshots
  • Recording a Chat to Camera - includes video/film editing and uploaded link to website

Total cost: $360 (interview deposit $50, $310 payable before the photoshoot. 

 Receipt for registration fees issued when full monies received. Concise lecture information sheet plus bookkeeping advice and 4 photos emailed to talent after uploaded to Ripleys website.

The interview deposit is a non-refundable appointment fee. Any cancellation made for agency interviews or photoshoots are not included in fees discussed above. Re-booking procedures and fees apply.

Importance of Photographs

Multiple photographs are taken of you but we retain and use the best 4. These headshots and a full length photograph are displayed on the ripleys website and Casting Networks. The other photos will be used in individual submissions. Registration with Ripleys is for a 12 month period. Photographs must be updated every renewal of registration (every 12 months). Photographs are the most accurate way to promote talent in the film and television industry. Yearly registration is $295 for updating photos.

Reasons to Include a Chat to Camera on your Profile Page

Involving a chat to camera on your profile page can open the door to featured visual work on Television Commercials. Background extras are booked from headshots but if casting clients are looking at confidence in front of the camera, a short reel of you is a great promotional tool. Provide as much information as you can on your profile page (photos, CV audio reel, chat to camera). This will benefit your promotion through the agency website for all levels of work, in the Film and TV industry.