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The employment of any person or persons registered with Ripleys Management Australia shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions herewith.

Television Drama, Films and Documentaries

All talent bookings for film and television are minimum 4 hour calls. MEAA (equity) rates apply for background extras.

Featured Extras, Bit Parts and Speaking Parts

Minimum call time - 4 hours. Standard contracts at MEAA equity rates are considered the minimum negotiation. Negotiated contracts apply for featured, bit-part or lead actors.

Television Commercials, Stills and Corporate Videos

As per industry contract or otherwise negotiated. Residuals are payable on all footage aired outside the original contract term. It is the client’s responsibility to provide the agency with contracts for commercials, stills or corporate videos, at the time of the booking. The client must notify the agency of any subsequent extended and or change in usage.

Wardrobe and Make-up Calls

Film and Television wardrobe and make-up calls are payable as per current MEAA (equity) rates. Television Commercial wardrobe will be paid at fee listed on contract or agreed between agency and casting company.

Call Backs/Screentests

Call backs for commercials, film and television drama are payable as per current MEAA(equity) rates.

Post Sync

Post Sync / Audio calls are payable as per current MEAA (equity) rates.


It is a requirement that 24 hours notice be given for all booking cancellations. Cancellation fees shall apply otherwise. 

Travel Time

Not applicable for locations within a 20 km radius of Melbourne CBD. For all travel outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area- client may provide travel options or alternatively travel allowance is payble at MEAA (equity) rates.


All photographic/stills are negotiated at the time of booking. Time and a half is applicable before 8am and after 6pm. Saturdays are billed at time and a half. Sundays and public holidays are billed at double time. Minimum call time for all photographic bookings is 2 hours.


Background extras are paid a one off casual rate for all bookings. Photographic and Televisions Commercial booking fees for featured-visual or lead talent will be inclusive of a negotiated usage fee. Length of use, Territory and intended mediums will be categorically listed in the terms and conditions of the contract. Usage can be local territory, rural or Australia only, unless authorised in writing for overseas or extended use. Additional fees are payable for the right to use photographs, footage, (reproductions, drawings or adaptations therefrom) either in part or whole for all known or anticipated countries other than Australia. Use of stills, voice-overs and footage other than originally booked will incur an additional fee. All posters, billboards, packages, point of sale and brochures carry a loading. Please check with the agency for these at the time of booking.


PAYG is completed by the employer of the extra or actor. The employer is the production company or advertising client. Ripleys Management Australia is not the employer of the extra or actor but the representative of the individual being employed. As an agency we do not employ directly any person listed with us. Ripleys provides work opportunities for extras/actors and is the contact point between production/advertising companies and extras/actors. All talent fill out employment declaration forms on their first day of each work assignment.

Photographic Fittings/Wardrobe Calls

1hr – 2.5hr or otherwise negotiated (minimum agreed rate MEAA).

Stills to Air

Hourly rate plus loading fee applies.


Ripleys Management Australia reserves the right to invoice for all talent bookings once agreed and commenced and are deemed to be payable whether or not usage is appropriated.


It is the client's responsibility to provide meals for all bookings over 4 hours duration.


It is an express condition of this contract that all negotiations at any time for employment of talent mentioned herein or otherwise registered with Ripleys Management Australia be exclusively conducted through this office.


In the event of a complaint- please call the agency directly on 0425 763 377 during business hours. Please be assured that all staff at Ripleys Management Australia consider any matter of complaint to be deemed serious. We will therefore endeavour to resolve any issue most professionally and promptly.


Strictly 14 days from receipt of invoice.